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Full service real estate experts in buying, selling and exchanging
your residential property! Call us today!

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805 - 654 - 8237

Real estate in Ventura County

At Dennis Goldstein Realty we believe in making the buying process for each customer as smooth and painless as possible. After more than 20 years of being in business, DGR has served countless loyal customers in Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo and the surrounding areas.

We understand the importance of finding houses for sale at the right price. With us you will receive rapport, respect and competence. Our priority is to represent you and your best buying interests throughout the entire process, from bid to close. We will be there every step of the way assisting you with our perfected strategies, negotiations and oversight of escrow procedures.

If you believe you are ready to sell your home and buy another, give us a call. We will give you a FREE market analysis and consultation. Without proper guidance it can be very difficult to find a home you will love that fits within your budget. We have practiced a special set of skills in real estate that most spend years honing. During our meeting we will help you determine the viability of your wants and needs in both a neighborhood and a home. We will also come up with a fine tuned strategy or shopping plan based on your needs, the current market conditions, and what you can afford. Once we have settled on your dream home, we will be responsible for the rest! We will make sure the home is inspected and that repairs are completed. When you have a question, concern, suggestion or an idea, we will be able to offer the best possible answer or solution.

Benefits of buying with DGR:

  • Realtor for Residential Property Buying
  • Make the buying process for their customers smooth and painless
  • Show properties to the customers for their needs
  • We have a fiduciary responsibility to our customers to help you get the best outcome
  • Represents the best interest of their client
  • Pre-offer strategy: we will help you research and evaluate potential properties and give you up to the minute valuations
  • We ensure that our customers are prepared to purchase:
  • Help you prepare the documentation, guide you through the process search to move-in
  • We represent you and your best interests throughout the entire process from bid to close:
  • Strategy, negotiations, oversight of escrow procedures